Technospatial design, engineering, and production.


What is “technospatial design”?

Technospatial design is our invented term meaning “devising for a specific function or end according to an empathic understanding of the manners of interaction between built environments, humans, and computerized technology.”

We are technospatial designers, using the disciplines of UI/UX design, architecture, storytelling, and engineering to help create compelling and intuitive experiences and products.

BeSide Studio

BeSide Studio collaborates with world-class brands and agencies to design and produce cutting edge interactive experiences, high-tech stage designs, and memorable events. Our diverse experience in fashion, retail, museums, themed entertainment, and touring enables our team to bring unique creative insights and technical solutions to each project.

BeSide Labs

BeSide Labs provides strategic R&D, hardware and software engineering, prototyping, and technical consulting for challenging retail, themed entertainment, automotive, consumer products, and tech industry projects. Our in-house engineering, software, embedded systems, and prototyping capabilities allow us to rapidly develop unique solutions to complex inter-disciplinary technical challenges.

BeSide Products

We produce our own L5 line of rugged interactive media servers, custom display enclosures, and are a dealer for most major brands of audio, display, projection, and IT components required for events and installations.


Our team has helped realize challenging projects for major brands as well as hundreds of theatres, opera/dance companies, and museums around the world.