L5 Media Servers

BeSide has spent the past two years developing a line of rugged computers that are optimized for the demands of multi-media installation and touring. They solve many common problems such as unwanted OS updates, driver incompatibility, and lack of knowledgeable support for users of common interactive and playback applications such as TouchDesigner, Isadora, and Resolume Arena.

End-to-End Hardware Solutions

BeSide is a dealer for hundreds of major AV and multimedia equipment manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a small BrightSign deployment or to outfit an entire new facility, we have the resources to realize your project on time and on budget.

A few of our offered brands:

Custom Displays & Mounting

We specialize in design and production of custom sheet metal & CNC machined panels, enclosures, and mounting hardware for displays, projectors, embedded electronics, and more. Whether you need 1 or 1000 we would love to discuss your project.