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IT's about a feeling


BeSide Digital is a Brooklyn-based studio specializing in media and interactive design and production for brands, bands, and immersive experiences.

We create experiences, big and small, engaging your audience and your imagination. Let’s make the elegant, shocking, bold, beautiful world you never expected and won’t forget.

We’ve worked in performance, event, installation, and the places in-between. We know multimedia design and are collaborative by nature. We want to create with you.

Why are we called BeSide? Because the B-side is home to the surprise hits. Because “Shout” was a B-side and we dare you not to throw your hands up. Because those songs stay with you. 


our services

+Video & Projection

Content and engineering for integrated digital signage systems, architectural projection mapping, concert video walls, innovative holographic projections, and beyond.

+ Interactive Development

Touch screen kiosks, large-scale immersive mapping, and everything else; We love to create cutting-edge interactive digital experiences.

+ Show Control Design

From timecode syncing to complex optical and RFID tracking systems, we design and execute complex show control and installation control systems.

+ Special Projects

When you’ve been told it can’t be done, look to us to deliver unique solutions for “impossible” projects in a wide range of industries.

+Performance & Touring

Stage and video design for theatre, opera, dance, concert touring, and broadcast projects.

+Themed Entertainment

Unique boundary-pushing concepts and solutions for theme parks, museums, immersive experiences, and more.

+Architecture & Retail Installs

Developing innovative and reliable installation A/V and multimedia retail designs.

+Events & Fashion Shows

We bring memorable concepts and spot-on execution to high impact event, trade show, industrial, and party designs.

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Our Reel


Our process

+ Concept

Come to us with an idea you want executed or a project for which you want a cutting edge creative concept. We work with you to understand your vision and your brand and craft a thrilling experience.

+ Design

Content design, user experience, and integration into the overall environment comes together in tandem with technical solutions to support unique storytelling and visual demands.

+ Development

Combining existing software and hardware tools from diverse industries with in-house custom software development and electronics fabrication capabilities ensures that the execution always matches the vision.

+ Production

Integrating content shoots, animation, post-production, on-site installation, system configuration, and production logistics management into a dynamic workflow means every part of the project is realized and executed smoothly.

Our work

our clients

Our team has helped realize challenging projects for major brands as well as as dozens of theatres, opera/dance companies, and museums around the world.

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Contact us

To work with us or for general inquiries, please use the contact form or email address below.

Phone: (929) 335-4470
Address: 649 Morgan Ave, Suite 1S, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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